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Residential TV Removal. Television Pick Up. TV Disposal.

Photo of remove tv, tv disposal, disposal of tv by Reliable Haul-awayReliable Haul-away does television pickup, old television disposal, pick up old tv, pickup old tv, old tv pickup, old television pick up, disposing of televisions, disposal of tv sets, used tv disposal, disposal of old tvs, disposal of old televisions throughout Los Angeles, the South Bay, Long Beach, and Orange County.

Old televisions, computer monitors, stereos, speakers and VCR’s are the most common items we pick up from customers’ homes. Household electronics are full of dangerous materials like lead, mercury, and arsenic, and that’s why it’s illegal to dump them with your weekly trash service.

Fast Service: We can sometimes do television removal and old TV pickup on the same-day you call us. Our truck always has two strong employees so we can handle a big screen TV pick up, projection TV removal, or an old console TV removal.

Call us seven days of the week for scheduling or an Estimate to Remove TV, Disposal of TV, Television Disposal or Pickup TV from your home.

For larger jobs like business computers & IT disposal, disposal of televisions from a hotel, or photocopier removal, please visit our page for Business E-waste and General E-Waste Disposal.

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